Tornado Tangerine

Female Tornado Tangerine- She has some of the brightest colors we have ever seen.

Total Eclipse

Male Total Eclipse - Het. free, produced by Chris Grubs at Lone Star Geckos

Carrot Head Emerine Enigma

Female CHEE- Produced by art geckos. She is a fast growing girl and very beautiful should make some great babies.

Electric Tangerine

Male Electric Tangerine - He has the biggest smile i have ever seen.


​Male Emerine- Son of hulk he is a prime example of a Emerine he should help make some great things this season.

Emerine Giant

Male Emerine Giant- "Hulk" he is our main emerine breeder that has some great genetics going on and is het for tremper albino.

Super Giant

Male Super Giant- He was produced by Ron Tremper and is the grandson of Moose.